Kid Interviews – Sneak Preview

Kids with cams from PausePlayKenya on Vimeo.

First Meeting from PausePlayKenya on Vimeo.

First Meeting from PausePlayKenya on Vimeo.

buncha flipcams from PausePlayKenya on Vimeo.

Kids with cams from PausePlayKenya on Vimeo.


ABC’s Kenyan Style

This is the best rendition of the ABC song you will ever hear. Enjoy and please adopt this version as the only one true ABC song.





Michelle in the Kitchen, Cooking the Chapatti

Imagine cooking for 25 hungry kids. Think of all the prep, blood, sweat, and tears that would go into the cooking and distributing. Imagine for a moment washing 25 cups, dishes, and forks. Now imagine doing it every single day. 3 times a day…

Michelle jumped right in and before we knew it she was part of the mealtime machine. She learned how to cook chapatti, a delicious flat bread with chives and all sorts of yummy goodness.

IMG_4512 IMG_4513

She also helped out the house moms with passing out dinner to all the hungry little ones. Here’s a little video when I caught her and Molly off guard. This is the real epic meal time:




The Queen of Film


The precious and adorable Queen was taking pictures and videos backwards. I was explaining that she was shooting herself, not the surroundings, when I realized that I was the one who wasn’t getting it… she wanted to shoot herself!

She shot herself making silly faces, running around, and singing before she decided that the other stuff around her was worthwhile, too. She knew what she was doing the whole time.

IMG_4663 IMG_4664

I was cracking up watching some of her footage. Priceless.

Queen was a bundle of fun from the get go. Her smile could light up any room. It was hard not to love her from the get go. The house mom told us she was top in her class at school which doesn’t surprise me at all. She was equal parts well behaved and rambunctious which made for a fun time trying to keep up.





During Joel’s amazing musical performance (our guide for the trip and the in country director for With My Own Two Hands Foundation… who also happens to be a gospel singer), Gabi and her little friend Camau were sneaking some video:


Kissing a Giraffe


We went to a giraffe sanctuary on the last day of the trip. We were given some food pellets and the giraffes came right up to us to eat.

Their tongues were so strange. They were equal parts rough and slimy and ridiculously long.

Eventually, we started holding the pellets in our mouths (gross I know) and they would come right up and kiss us! Being kissed by a huge giraffe was not something I would dream of doing in my lifetime, but there we were necking some long-necks.





The Screening

Armed with all the footage from the kid’s flip cams, we rented a projector for a viewing. We had not told the kids what to expect, so when 25 excited kids came in and sat down, we didn’t know what to expect.

We hooked up the projector to the laptop where we had compiled the film and pressed play. Chaos and so much fun ensued.

The kids were able to watch themselves on screen! It was awesome and they couldn’t get enough of it. They had us replay it 3 times!


They would call out each other’s names and laugh and squealed when they saw themselves. It was so much fun to be a part of. Most of the kids had never seen video of themselves, so it was a real treat to see a blown up projection of them on the screen.

I loved watching them use the cameras and then be able to enjoy the playback of what they had made. They were able to enjoy the result of their filming. It was an absolute blast for everyone involved.


(Everyone was excitedly running around… except for baby Junior who promptly fell asleep on Gabi)


Steve and Gideon

I absolutely fell in love with a little boy named Steve and his brother Gideon. Steve is an independent little guy and Irene, the director of the home, told me that he would never interact with anyone at first when he was brought in. Slowly, he began to talk to the other kids and house moms. I really got to appreciate his personality when we took the kids to the park one of the days. The park had a merry go round you could push. Steve immediately ran up to it and sat down, and waited patiently for somebody – anybody to come up and push him around.

A few hours of pushing later, that little guy was still as excited as the first time around. Every time he came around I tickled his little belly, and every time he came around without fail he let out the most hearty full laugh I have ever heard in my life. Tired arms and all, I couldn’t stop pushing. We were loving it! I was hooked on his little laugh for the rest of the week.

_DSC0091 _DSC0096

We went to visit the kids school and got to take part in one of their classes. I was in Gideon’s class (Steve’s older brother) helping with their math problems. The teacher had put problems like 2+1 or 3+2 on the board for the kids to work on. I noticed Gideon writing furiously and went over to see if I could help him out, thinking he was having a hard time.

Imagine my surprise when his paper was full of more advanced addition and subtraction problems! He had already done the basics and had made up harder problems for himself to figure out. It was awesome. I remember having a similar affinity for math when I was younger, so I really got a kick out of his page of computations. What a smart little guy! I hope he continues to be so interested in school. I have a feeling he’ll go far.


Whole World in their Hands

One of the many heart-warming songs the kids love to sing:


Glow Stick Madness

Glow sticks were brought out and before we all knew it, the lights were off. We had light shows, giggles, and tons of running around.

_DSC0090 _DSC0094 _DSC0105 _DSC0110

Pictures don’t quite do it justice. This video should help to paint the picture: